Nashville based harpist and songwriter Timbre has been enchanting audiences throughout the US and Europe in growing numbers with her unique brand of harp-fronted chamber-folk. Her career has caught the attention of the music world, and has led to her recording and collaborating with rock legends Jack White, Tom Jones, Ricky Skaggs, and rock bands such as mewithoutYou, O’Brother, Brooke Waggoner, and The Chariot. The pairing of Timbre‘s classically trained voice and harp skills with the dynamic sounds of her talented backing band have entranced crowd after crowd, often bringing complete stillness to crowded bars and festivals, silencing audiences of thousands. With her creative and innovative bandmates Chris Leidhecker (drums) and Camille Faulkner (violin), Timbre creates lush soundscapes that pull in listeners of every background. Sometimes haunting, sometimes driving, sometimes unabashedly joyful, Timbre is a musical experience that is completely unique and compelling, reminding listeners that music can move us like nothing else can.

Hailed by as “a gorgeous tapestry of audible poetry”, Timbre’s newest album Sun & Moon paints vividly with the light, the joy, the passion of modern music, and the darkness, depth, and richness of classical music, and shows that together, they can communicate beauty in greater depths than either can alone. Timbre seeks to draw listeners into both worlds, learning and experiencing the beauty of both, hearing their unique languages, until a new dialect is formed.


“Sun & Moon is a beautiful demonstration of Timbre’s versatility… a great blend of contemporary instrumentation and classical composition.” – Utne Reader

“This indie, alt-classical, art concept album is near impossible to categorize. The album is exquisite, well worth listening to.” – PopMatters

“A gorgeous tapestry of audible poetry.” –

“Sun & Moon is music for the end of a journey, for the rising sun, for knowing that you are exactly where you were always meant to be. If there were ever anything approaching a universal definition for harmonious, or beautiful, it might just be somewhere inside Sun & Moon.”  – SputnikMusic